Time to Move On

About four and a half years ago, I was lucky toparticipate in the launching of Smart Access. During my tenure as Editor, I’vestrived to make this the best publication available for Access developers.Thanks to you and a fantastic group of writers and contributing editors, Ithink we’ve been able to accomplish this difficult goal. After editing SmartAccess for four years, however, I find it’s time to move on. Not that I’mactually moving on to anything new. For the past four years, I’ve been dividingmy time between editorial duties, writing, development, and training.Consequently, my development work has suffered a bit — there are only so manyhours in the day. By stepping down as Editor, I’ll be able to spend more timedoing development work.

I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving my post as Editor if itweren’t for Peter Vogel. Peter, of course, is a familiar fixture in thesepages. Peter has been writing the Working SQL column for the past severalmonths, and previously tackled such thorny issues as the creation of runtimeproperties, and data warehousing. Peter will continue Smart Access’ traditionof being the leading-edge Access newsletter. I won’t exactly be dropping out,though — I’ll continue to contribute to Smart Access in a lesser capacity as acontributing editor. In fact, except for the names shifting around a bit, don’texpect a lot to change, at least for a while. Smart Access will continue tocater to the professional Access developer. We’ll continue to featureinsightful solution-oriented articles, lots of great tips, an occasional reviewor two, and the regular Access World News column. And for the foreseeablefuture, we’ll continue to include articles that cover both 16-bit and 32-bitversions of Access. In addition, Smart Access will continue to run articlesthat show you how to take advantage of the latest Access features. In otherwords, developers using both Access 97 and Access 2.0 will continue to beserved by Smart Access.

So please join me in welcoming Peter as Smart Access’ new Editor.Peter and I both thank you for your continued support.

About Paul Litwin

Editor of Smart Access till mid 1997.
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