A Change of Heart

AS you know, I’ve done a lot of bellyaching about the Internet in prior editorials. Well I’m going to eat my own words–I’m now embracing the Internet with enthusiasm! What does that mean? It means that we’ll be running articles on how to use Access in Internet/intranet-enabled applications. However, this doesn’t mean that we’ll be starting a new column on Java. On the contrary, we’ll show you how to leverage your existing knowledge of Access, Access Basic, and VBA and use it to create great Internet/intranet-enabled database applications.

If you don’t care about the Internet, don’t worry because the majority of our articles will still have nothing to do with it. Those of you who do care, however, will be pleased to know that Smart Access will keep you posted about all the latest web developments. And this month Internet guru Richard Knudson starts us off with a wonderful article on creating Web-enabled applications using the Internet Database Connector. After you read this article, you’ll be ready to create your own Internet/intranet applications that read and write data from Access 95 or SQL Server databases. In an accompanying article, Richard gives us a comprehensive update on Microsoft’s Internet strategy.

It’s always hard to decide which article to put on the front page. This month, we could have easily led with Contributing Editor Mike Gilbert’s important article on dual development. If you’ve ever needed to create both Access 2 and Access 95 versions of an application, or even if you’re still developing in Access 2 exclusively but plan to eventually make the move to Access 95 (or Access 97), you should read this insightful article.

If you’re like me, you probably thought that replication could only be done with Access 95, but in another article that we almost put on page one, Steve White shows us how to replicate data using plain old Access 2.

Contributing Editor Ken Getz rounds out the issue with another great Access Answers article. This time, Ken tackles multi-paged forms, command buttons with both pictures and text, and animated forms. Keep those questions coming in to Ken!

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