Listing Conditional Formats

In 2005, Rick Dobson wrote an article on that included details on Conditional Formats on Access Forms. But whilst the article was great, Rick didn’t show all the code that he had prepared in his sample database. And its what he didn’t show that is of great interest as this information is very hard to find anywhere.

This was compiled by Garry Robinson in 2013

Why Bother

Conditional Formats are very powerful but they are hard to read and just as hard to find.  If you decide to apply complex rules, you need to document the equations and crazy color schemes that you have applied to the fields in your forms.

List Conditional Formats

In figure 1 is a button that lists the conditional formats into the Immediate Window. The code follows but when you read the code, the properties Expression1, Expression2 and Type will be of interest.

Code to List Conditional Formats

Are the Conditional Formats in picture form

Your download file is called  Dobson_Conditional_Formats.accdb



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